Tulsa Latin Style

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Stillwater La Feria Festival 




James Spicer - Bass

Josh Westbrook - Keyboards / Guitar

Frankie Ramirez - Vocals / Percussion

Andre Cevasco - Vocals / Percussion

Leo MartosTimbales

Allie Sanchez - Vocals

Bringing Cultures Together Through Music 

Jay Beltz - Congas  

Clarissa Jones - Tenor Sax / Percussion

Stephen Thompson - Trumpet 

Victor Blanco -  Baritone, Alto & Soprano Saxes

Gene Morrison - Trombone


   Our mission evolved from who we are.  We have band members from Peru,  Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and all over the US, so we strive to play songs and styles from as many regions as possible including Salsa, Timba, Bachata, Meregnue, Plena and more. Please see our Song List! 

     Our band is a traditional Salsa orqestra with 3 vocalists, 4 horns, bass, piano, guitar and 3 percussionists.

    Our music is intimately linked with salsa dancing. Our best grooves happen when the dancers fill the floor.  We make the most of that wonderful synergy! 

    Many Oklahomans have never tried salsa dancing, but they start with us and have a great time from then on! Its easy, fun and sexy! 

    We love to play Festivals, Fundraisers, Weddings, Dances,

Quinceaneras, Fiestas, and private or company parties!

Put us in front of a dance crowd!